• Carbon Fiber Tube- Automotive, Bicycles, Aerospace spars, telescope, kayak paddle etc.

    The main advantages of carbon fiber tubing include high strength and high stiffness, excellent fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion.


  • What Is Carbon Fiber Prepreg - Manufacturing process of carbon prepreg

    Carbon fiber prepreg is a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology.


  • Electromagnetic transmission performance of carbon fiber

    Carbon fiber has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, very low thermal expansion coefficient, low radiation absorption and a series of other advantages.


  • How do composite materials help achieve decarbonization?

    Globally, scientists and environmentalists are developing ways to effectively decarbonize, reduce greenhouse effect, one of which is the use of composite materials.


  • Development Of New Analytical Techniques Using UD Unidirectional Band

    UD tape is prepared by embedding carbon fibers in thermoplastic resins in a unidirectional arrangement, continuous fibers provide excellent stiffness and strength.


  • Typical applications of carbon fiber products in aviation, aircraft, helicopter

    Carbon fiber's safety, reliability, high performance and lower operating costs are top priorities for aerospace manufacturers, not only in aircraft secondary structures but also major structural components.


  • Alternatives to Kevlar Fiber: Industrial yarn and threads.

    Other para-aramid yarns can be used as substitutions for Kevlar at a lower cost. These include Twaron, Technora, Heracron, and Alkex. These alternative fibers can achieve comparable results as Kevlar


  • Application of Aramid Fiber in Electrical Insulation Fields

    In the core wire, interlayer and interphase insulation of transformers, the use of aramid fiber is undoubtedly an ideal material.


  • High performance aramid fiber

    carbon fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and known as the world's three high performance fiber materials.


  • New insulation material—aerogel felt

    Aerogel felt is characterized by low thermal conductivity, certain tensile and compressive strength, and is a new type of thermal insulation material.


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