• Carbon Fiber Tube- Automotive, Bicycles, Aerospace spars, telescope, kayak paddle etc.

    The main advantages of carbon fiber tubing include high strength and high stiffness, excellent fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion.


  • Application of Aramid Fiber in Electrical Insulation Fields

    In the core wire, interlayer and interphase insulation of transformers, the use of aramid fiber is undoubtedly an ideal material.


  • High performance aramid fiber

    carbon fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and known as the world's three high performance fiber materials.


  • New insulation material—aerogel felt

    Aerogel felt is characterized by low thermal conductivity, certain tensile and compressive strength, and is a new type of thermal insulation material.


  • Application of aerogel in building energy saving

    Due to its large specific surface area and high porosity, airgel materials have good heat insulation performance, fire resistance and flame retardant performance.


  • Production process of aramid fiber

    Aramid fibers are widely used in my country's aerospace, automotive, electromechanical, construction, and sports fields.


  • Application of aramid fiber in conveyor belt

    aramid fiber is widely used in aerospace, military, high-temperature filtration, electric power, electricity, construction and other fields.


  • Classification of Cut Resistant Gloves

    Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into 3 types in terms of material: One is metal gloves, the other is mainly high-strength polyethylene, Third is mainly aramid.


  • Aramid insulation paper

    Aramid paper is a non-woven fabric made of aramid chopped fiber and aramid fiber in a certain proportion through wet papermaking and hot calendering.


  • Glass fiber felt used in high temperature filter bag

    Glass fiber felt used in aerogrl felt base cloth and high temperature filter bag.


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