●What is carbon fiber prepreg

Carbon fiber prepreg is a combination of epoxy resin and carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology. The composite material made of carbon fiber yarn, epoxy resin, release paper and other materials through coating, hot pressing, cooling, film coating, coiling and other processes is called carbon fiber prepreg, also known as carbon fiber prepreg. The reason why it is called prepreg is because this is only the initial impregnation of resin and carbon fiber, which is not the final impregnation when the product is formed.


Prepreg is an intermediate material for the manufacture of composite materials and their parts. It constitutes the basic unit of composite materials, and its quality uniformity and stability are important links to ensure the quality and reliability of composite materials and their parts. Resin-based composites (RMC) have high specific strength and specific stiffness, can design performance, and can effectively reduce the structural quality of spacecraft. It is the development focus of today's aerospace materials and is gradually replacing traditional metal materials. However, with the new development of aerospace technology, epoxy resin (EP) has gradually reduced its use rate due to its poor dielectric properties, heat resistance, dimensional stability and moisture resistance. New materials such as polyimide (PI), bismaleimide (BMI) and polyetheretherketone (PEEK), although greatly improved in heat resistance and dielectric properties, are still dissolved. Defects in the process of poor performance and high molding temperature are subject to further improvement. In recent years, cyanate resin (CE) has combined its high temperature resistance and good processability of EP, such as BMI, and has excellent dielectric properties. It has a wide application prospect and has become another after PI and BMI. High performance aerospace composite matrix resin. In recent years, the use of carbon fiber composite materials in spacecraft such as satellites and spacecraft has increased year by year. In particular, carbon fiber prepreg composite materials have been widely used in the main structural structures of satellites such as central bearing cylinders, substrates, connecting frames, etc. Multiple functional requirements of the device.

●Manufacturing process

Carbon fiber prepreg is a combination of epoxy resin on carbon fiber under high pressure and high temperature technology.

carbon fiber

Carbon fiber, as its name implies, is not only the inherent intrinsic property of carbon materials, but also the soft processability of textile fibers. It is a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Compared with traditional glass fiber (GF), Young's modulus is more than three times; compared with Kevlar fiber (KF-49), not only the Young's modulus is about 2 times, but also in organic solvents. Insoluble in acid and alkali, the corrosion resistance is outstanding. Some scholars immersed PAN-based CF in a strong alkaline NaOH solution in 1981. It has been more than 30 years since its inception.

Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin refers to an organic polymer compound containing two or more epoxy groups in a molecule, and their relative molecular mass, except for a few.

The amount is not high. The molecular structure of the epoxy resin is characterized by the presence of an active epoxy group in the molecular chain, and the epoxy group may be located at the end, in the middle or in a ring structure of the molecular chain. Since the molecular structure contains an active epoxy group, they can be cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form an insoluble, infusible polymer having a three-dimensional network structure.

●Main classification editor

Carbon fiber precursor

1. PAN-based carbon fiber fabric(more than 90% of the market is carbon fiber fabric)

2. Viscose-based carbon fiber fabric;

3. Asphalt-based carbon fiber fabric

According to carbon fiber specifications

1. 1K carbon fiber fabric;

2. 3K carbon fiber fabric;

3. 6K carbon fiber fabric;

4. 12K carbon fiber fabric;

5. 24K and above large tow carbon fiber fabric

Carbon fiber carbonization

1. Graphitized carbon fiber fabriccan withstand high temperatures of 2000--3000 degrees;

2. carbon fiber fabric, can withstand high temperatures of about 1000 degrees;

3. pre-oxidized carbon fiber fabric, can withstand 200--300 degrees high temperature

According to the weaving method

1. Dry prepreg;

2. Wet prepreg;

3. Unidirectional prepreg:

4. prepreg tape;

5. no supporting carbon fiber fabric;

6. there are tob and so on.

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